What to Visit in Santorini

Santorini, authentically called Thira in Greek, is an island that captivates everybody who visits it with its charm. It is the most frequently visited destination in Greece. It would not be wrong to say that Greece is what it is because of the marvels of Santorini. This city-like island is famous for its picturesque, whitewashed, close-knit houses, its ethereal sun-downs, and its gorgeous cliffs. If you are planning to visit Santorini and are yearning for an impressive greeting then take the sea route to the island. You will be welcomed by the most glorious view of the island from that side.

Once you have landed in Santorini, you should make a checklist for the must-visit places of this Island.

Visiting Fira

Fira is the capital of Santorini. It is peculiar for its porcelain-white houses connected to each other through small streets. There are blue tinged churches every here and there that accentuates the contrast in the white background of the city. Hop on a ferry at the port of  Athiniós, which you can reach via the road route. Fira is the hub of Santorini’s tourism. There are cafes, restaurants, hotels, and markets which are flocked with tourists all year round.

fira providence picture

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