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Egypt is an ancient land and so are its various parts that have been existing for centuries. River Nile is an iconic water body of the majestic land of Egypt that has witnessed eras changing at its front. The Nile commences its motion from Alexandria and meanders gracefully through Sudan and Ethiopia and enters Egypt.

The Nile is the core of the African continent. It has a substantial worth as it connects various countries together. According to a famous Greek historian Herodotus, Egypt itself was a gift of Nile. The ancient Egyptians themselves claimed that this river had a source amongst the galaxies.

Embarking on a Trip to Explore the River Nile

Setting off for the trip

You can set off for exploring Nile by multiple means. There are cruises that flow through the river or you can choose a felucca that is a smaller sailing boat. The trips are not one-directional. You can opt for the cruise that moves down the Nile than ascending it. Typically the ships set off at Luxor. The ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you get to witness the amazing Egyptian village life at such close proximity. The river banks have fields where the crops are grown in all seasons. You will come across farmers and children roaming in the fields. There are plenty of watersports and fishing that you will come across along the course of your ride. At this point, I want to thank the sponsor for this article. We are so thankful for the help in writing this from Pleasanton rodent control, and we want to tell everyone that if you have a home or business in the bay area, they are the ones you want to call for help with rodents.

The River’s Tourist Attractions

Temple of Karnak

The most remarkable and tourist favorite spot is the Temple of Karnak. It is connected to the temple of Luxor via a two-mile distance. Karnak dates back to almost 15 centuries ago and its constructional design is an epitome of architectural development. It was initially a worship place for the Theben tribes of Mut, Amun, and Khonsu where they offered their sacrifices to their gods.

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Valley of the Kings

Near Luxor is the haunted Valley of the Kings. It is a scary yet enjoyable part of the trip were to get to see at least sixty-three different sized tombs of ancient Pharaohs. The Valley has a distinct construction of the tombs which reflects the history of the old times. The most popular grave is of Tutankhamun.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is another renowned tourist spot. The construction of this cliff-temple was initiated 3000 years back under the command of Rameses II. This majestic temple consists of four mega-sized carvings which greet the visitors at the entrance. It took a long time to preserve the temple in its original state after the Aswan Dam was erected in its vicinity.

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Sudanese Border of River Nile

Visit the Sudanese border of the river and see its spectacular, breathtaking views to offer. There are lush green palms here as well as massive granite composed rocks which accentuate the photogenicity of the area. Close to it is the Aswan which is the most popular shopping destination across the Nile. You can engage yourself looking out for the most authentic spices and the velvety traditional Egyptian carpets. You might want to take something from here as a souvenir and a memoir for your Nile trip.