The marvels of Mumbai have a long list. This city encompasses a whole new world within itself. The rich Indian culture is the most prevalent here and you get to witness the most of it once you start exploring Mumbai. The eccentrically bustling roads, the ancient historical temples, the tantalizing food junctions, and the Bollywood posters are only some of the countless things you will see in Mumbai. There are a gazillion things you should visit once you land in Mumbai. Every street, every cafe, every shop has its own story.  

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Perfect Tour Plan in Mumbai

Book a room at Taj Mahal Palace

You should have the perfect living place for spending a good time at your stay in Mumbai. Taj Mahal Palace is one such gorgeous, renowned hotel in Mumbai that provides top-class accommodation and dining facilities to its residents. It has a very aesthetic constructional design that makes it India’s second most snapped monument.

Visit Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island is the rock-carved temples of Gharapuri which are located on the northeastern dimension of Indian Gateway. These temples are a Unesco world heritage site. These temples date back to 400-700 AD and hold a historical significance for the Hindu population. The colossal 6-m tall statue depicts Sadhashiva who was a Hindu God and a savior of his time. Adjacent to the Island is a small museum which has historical information displayed regarding the temples. Get on a launch from Gharapuri which will take you to your destination.

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Plan a trip to the Sassoon Docks

Sassoon Docks has the biggest fish market in Mumbai. This is a busy place. Activity starts here at as early as 5 in the morning. There are loading and unloading of fish supplies from boats and trucks. It might feel nasty at first but experiencing this side of the city is pretty amazing in itself. Don’t forget to choose from your favorite prawns, pomfrets, or tuna to take with you for your dinner.

Lunch at the Bohri Kitchen

This family-owned dining place is amongst the top eateries in Mumbai. It was founded by a former Google employee named Munaf Kapadia who belongs to Bohri community of Muslims in India. Then, he perceived this idea because of the sensational cooking skills of his mother Nafisa and the authentic Bohri cuisine she delivered in her recipes. The Bohri dishes were an ultimate hit and this makes this place amongst the best restaurants in Mumbai. Make sure you get your hands on the hottest selling Nafisa’s kheema samosas once you get to visit the Bohri Kitchen.

Visit a Sabyasachi store

Your Mumbai tour would be incomplete if you don’t get to awe at the wonderful Sabyasachi couture. Sabyasachi is a world-famous high-end Indian garments brand that has all kinds of the traditional Indian wedding and formal dresses. If you do not have enough money, you would not be able to buy anything for yourself from here so keep your wallets filled.