The enhancing scenery and magnificent views of the ‘floating city’ leave each of its visitor spellbound. Venice is a vibrant historical, medieval city of Italy. It was constructed centuries ago on a Mediterranean lagoon and even today it is enriched with classic, vintage vibes. The crisscrossing water channels, old-style shops, cafes, aesthetic museums, art galleries, and colossal castles amplify the grandeur of this city. Venice is among the most visited places in Italy. It offers so much to the tourists to see. Visiting these spots once will entice you to come back again, wanting for more.

this image shows places to visit while in venice

Where to go while in Venice?

The Grand Canal

The other name of Grand Canal is Canale Grande. This magnificent waterway is the most famous tourist destination in Venice. It runs smoothly in an S-shaped direction and resides by palaces on each side. The view provided by the Canal is accentuated several folds by numerous bridges that scatter along its meandering route.  One such bridge is the Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge. You will frequently come across the Canal specialties ‘the tragettis’ which are the gondolas. They are the most famous watercraft in Venice. Hop into one to have the time of your life exploring the Grand Canal of Venice!

Basilica Di San Marco

On the other hand, known as the St. Mark’s Basilica is an epitome of grace. It is a well developed ancient architecture of Venice. It is famous for its gold-tinged mosaic interior and the most coveted paintings displayed here. Then, once you have landed here, don’t forget to see the mosaic designs of  Titian and Tintoretto and the gorgeous golden altarpiece of Pala d’Oro.

this image shows places to visit while in venice

Piazza San Marco

This square fills with people and chatter at all times of the day. Being here and getting to witness yourself standing in the center of historic architecture, on your three dimensions, is a beautiful experience in itself. There are various coffee points every here and there. Order your cup and begin making new Venitian friends here.

Doge’s Palace and Bridge of Sighs

this image shows the bridge of sighs venice italy

Located at the shore of the Canale Grande, Doge’s Palace stands as magnanimous gothic architecture at its finest. It used to serve as a government-run place in its initial days, and administrative and justice related tasks out here. The world’s largest oil painting ‘Paradise by Tintoretto’ is here. Other favorite tourist spots here include the council chamber of the palace Sala del Collegio, gold vaulted Scala d’Oro, the old doorway Porta della Carta and the huge Scala dei Giganti. You can take a stroll on the Bridge of Sighs to dark cells of Prigioni which has an ancient history of a prisoner fleeing from it.

Gallerie Dell’Accademia

If you are someone who truly appreciates ancient art, then this place is for you to visit. This art gallery showcases the best of Venetian paintings of the most prestigious artists like Bellini, Giorgione, Veronese, Tintoretto, Tiziano, and Carpaccio.